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DNA Test in Kansas City

There are many situations that create paternity questions. For example, you know who the father of your child is, but for one reason or another you’re asked to prove it. There are also times when some men allow a small doubt to take over their thoughts and disrupt relationships. You may also have questions about adult relatives as family rumors finally need to be addressed. Perhaps you need a Case Manager who cares about you and your privacy. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you find the right DNA test for your situation at a location that is convenient and private. We have many authorized Service Centers, making it easy to serve you wherever you or the other parties live.

DNA and Paternity Testing

People have their reasons for wanting to do a DNA test. Keeping it private is often important. Perhaps you want to know for your own peace of mind. Perhaps he just wants confirmation. Perhaps additional documentation is needed for amending a birth certificate or ensuring a child is eligible for benefits such as social security, military and veteran’s benefits or health care. Maybe there is an even bigger legal issue such as child support, adoption, inheritance or even immigration. Child custody may be stake. The reason you need DNA testing may affect how you choose to perform the test and the Kansas City location you choose.

Your Privacy First

For those who simply want peace of mind, there are home paternity tests. These are not legally binding but their results are accurate. Taking the test is easy. The alleged father and child are swabbed for DNA, and the lab does the rest. You can talk to your Case Manager about this possibility if you are not concerned about a legal situation with your son or daughter.

Legal DNA Testing in Kansas City

For individuals involved in a legal situation, it is important to get a legally-admissible test. You want your test results to stand up in court and to stand the test of time. This requires more detailed collection and documentation process, but it is not more invasive. For a mother, it may be important to establish the father in order to get child support. For an alleged father, it may be important to establish whether or not he is the biological father so he can move on with his life regardless of the answer. Either way, the result will be conclusive and legally-admissible. This should remove anxiety because the test is 100% accurate. In cases where the alleged father is included for paternity, you will receive results higher than 99.9%; and in cases where the alleged father is excluded for paternity, the result is 0%, leaving no questions or doubt.

Where do you go in Kansas City for a paternity test?

When choosing the right DNA testing company you should choose one that has caring Case Managers, who listen to and understand your situation. The company you choose should care more about getting you the right test and less about making a buck. Of course, there are many price variations on the internet. Please consult with your Case Manager and consider that you often get what you pay for. DNA Services of America isn’t the cheapest company nor are we the most expensive. We pride ourselves on offering you an excellent customer service experience and superior DNA testing at an affordable price. We offer payment plans and will work with you to ensure you are happy. We have relationships with thousands of qualified collectors and we will match you with the right one. Don’t let anxiety or money worries keep you from getting the test done. Waiting will just add to your stress.